Fashion: Cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses, as the name implies, are meant for cocktail parties and small parties. The cocktail dress should be a dress that gives women the opportunity to wear fancy clothes that are different from that every day and work clothes, but in the same time, they are not as expensive as an evening dress. imageNowadays, cocktail dresses are to almost any occasion. The cocktail dress in the traditional style is a maximum calf length, has a modest neckline and is cut closely.

Cocktail Dresses: Various combinations

You can work with a few accessories and subtle colours plain and simple. When you go for breakfast in a chic cafe with the best friend, you can wear a cocktail dress in an unobtrusive colour, a great handbag! When it comes to an evening party, a dinner or a company party, a cocktail dress can be accented. Even cocktail dresses in bright colours like pink, green, red and blue, or variations with sequins and glitter elements are ideal.

Cocktail dresses: The little black dress

imageA very special is “The little black dress”. In the colour black, this kind of cocktail dress always appropriate and can be decorated with accessories depending on the occasion and the right hairstyle. Whether in a business meeting, a first date or a meal with the family, the little black dress is always right solution!

Cocktail dresses – designers and shops

Cocktail dresses are everywhere. They have established themselves firmly between the 20s and 60s in the fashion scene they are here to stay. While designers always try out new creations and want to create new forms of cocktail dresses, you can find in the department stores are still the known variants, which are selling well.

These are one of the bestselling dresses for women! Even stores advertise specifically for cocktail dresses and the cocktail dresses are always placed so that you just have to see. Cocktail dresses are fit in every situation, you make a good impression in them, and without you have a very deep wallet. With the different colours and shapes, the cocktail dresses are for every taste!